Desorption and Electrolysis Unit

High desorption rate, high productivity and low operational cost

SKS’s desorption electrolysis unit is a new style high efficiency product integrated with new technique and technology that is used to process gold carrier carbon in gold production. This unit can perform outstanding desorption function for gold carrier carbon from gold mine carbon pulp plant and heap leaching plant so as to produce gold.

Product Advantages

High desorption rate,high production capacity and low production cost

Cyanide-free desorption; barren carbon requires no dry heat re-generation

Carbon is conveyed by the special automatic non-destructive method. This conveyance process produces no powder carbon, carbon loss and gold loss.

High degree of automation reduces the labor intensity of workers; cyanide-free environment presents good working environment.

Technical Specs

Model Capacity of per batch (Gold carrier carbon kilogram per batch) Capacity of per day (Gold carrier carbon kilogram per batch)
 5000 5000 5000-7500
 4000 4000 4000-6000
3000 3000 3000-4500
2000 2000 2000-3000
 1500 1500 1500-2250
1000 1000 1000-1500
800 800 800-1200
500 500 500-750
300 300 300-450